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Reliable managed web hosting services

Maiahost introduces Free Malware Cleanup service

Due to increased demands Maiahost is happy to introduce another free service for new clients. If your website is showing malware warnings and your host is not assisting you in cleaning them up then Maiahost is your solution. Join the Maiahost community and enjoy Free...

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Maiahost – Ultra Fast and Highly Reliable

With 100% web service uptime Maiahost proves to be one of the most reliable web hosting providers on the Internet. Our new and improved Website Security measures feature Web Spyware, Adware, Malware as well as Antivirus protection ensures Trouble-Free hosting...

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Cheaper hosting prices with long term accounts

We are happy to announce that our new long term hosting plans have 50% lower prices. Enjoy low cost web hosting services starting from $10 Year/Domain with the Maia Multiple shared hosting package and $12 with Maia Single hosting package. New clients can Sign-UP for...

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Maiahost includes Drupal 7 hosting support

We have just included Drupal 7 hosting to our list of hosted content management systems. We will be offering upon request free installation of the latest development builds until the official version is released. In addition, almost a month ago Maiahost became...

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Warning: Beez Joomla template found to have hack inside

During the last few months we had several reports for hacked Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 sites being hacked. Recently we found that all those sites were using the same BEEZ template. We are not 100% sure but we think that template either contains vulnerable code or has buit-in...

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New: Security System implemented.

Hi, We have installed and configured a new anti hacker system on all servers. Note that this system automatically blocks users by IP address if they are found to imput more than 5 times wrong username or password to any of the following: FTP, CPanel, eMail and Web...

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