Maiahost introduces Free Malware Cleanup service

Due to increased demands Maiahost is happy to introduce another free service for new clients. If your website is showing malware warnings and your host is not assisting you in cleaning them up then Maiahost is your solution. Join the Maiahost community and enjoy Free website transfers, Free malware/antivirus scan and cleanup, free CMS updates and free backups. For more information please contact us via Live Chat.

Maiahost – Ultra Fast and Highly Reliable

With 100% web service uptime Maiahost proves to be one of the most reliable web hosting providers on the Internet. Our new and improved Website Security measures feature Web Spyware, Adware, Malware as well as Antivirus protection ensures Trouble-Free hosting environment. All our web hosting servers are clean from any badware. Enjoy out trouble-free hosting environment with free Website Transfer and free Website Virus Cleanup. Transfer to us and we will show you High Quality Web Hosting.

Enjoy fast and non-overloaded web hosting servers with less than 50% maximum server load at any given time ensures Superb Website Load Speeds as well as Search Engine Crawl Index rate.

Cheaper hosting prices with long term accounts

We are happy to announce that our new long term hosting plans have 50% lower prices. Enjoy low cost web hosting services starting from $10 Year/Domain with the Maia Multiple shared hosting package and $12 with Maia Single hosting package.

New clients can Sign-UP for the following plans Month-to-Month, Quarterly (3 months), Yearly, 2 Years, 3 Years and 5 Years plan. The longer the term, the cheaper it is.

Existing clients can now switch to longer term hosting plans directly from the clients area. Look under Hosting Account in the Clients Area.

We are also planning to offer cheaper non-shared hosting packages but that will be announced later on since we are still in negotiation with our data center providers.

The Maiahost Management.

Improved Reliability: Maiahost Achieves 100% Service Uptime in January 2010!

Maiahost is currently Trouble-Free Hosting Service with 100% uptime this month and 99.94% overall for the past 4 years measured by This makes us on TOP 100 Most Reliable Hosting Providers which is a great achievement and a milestone in our current business development plan.

No more than 10 minutes of planned downtime is expected due to scheduled server restarts every Saturday and Monday at 12 AM EST. Weekdays are to be with 100% uptime unless we have some urgent security update that requires server restart which should not be more than few minutes. Also Weekends starting from 12 AM to 8 AM we are performing server wide security checks and the weekly account backups therefore you may be experiencing slight delay in website load speed while they are being processed.

Due to the increased security measures our firewall is set to block anyone trying to “guess” or “brute-force” passwords on any of our services. If you don’t remember your password please reset it from our clients area but don’t try to guess it. More than 5 wrong passwords will result in auto block. If you accidentally get blocked you will see “Unable to connect” or “Timeout” message on your website browser. If so please contact us via Support Ticket or Live Chat and we will unblock you.

The Maiahost Management

NEW: Free Hosting program – have someone else pay the bill.

We have just updated our referral program. Referral payoffs are now increased to 100%. Host Free of Charge with

Recommend our cheap and professional web hosting service to your website visitors and friends. For every new client we will add FREE expiration extension equal to the time your referral pays us. Get our fast web hosting services for free!

Visit the Free Hosting section inside the Clients Area on our website for more information and setup instructions.

The Maiahost Management

Server Migration Complete. New Email Security Implemented

I’m really happy to announce that we successfully managed to transfer all client servers this weekend. This was achieved with no downtime to almost all servers. We are currently tweaking up the security and email anti-spam policy. Note that you may be experiencing some strange network issues within the next 24 hours due to the DNS changes because both old and new servers are working.

Due to DNS changes, currently the OLD servers are online as well as the NEW servers, therefore if you have some CRON jobs that do mailing you will receive duplicate emails. We will keep the OLD servers online until December 20 because there are some clients that use their own Name Servers and are still utilizing the old servers. We ask all such clients to immediately contact us in order to re-set their DNS Zones and point them to the new machines

If you have Dedicated IP address, note that you sill have it on the new servers, but the IP address is different. If you wish to find your new IP address you can ping-test your domain with the following command: “ping” note to replace the domain name with your own or you can contact us and we’ll provide you the IP address.

Due to Email Security issues, we have disabled BOX Trapper service but enabled SPAMCOP filtering. This way we will try to reduce the possibility of having our IPs blacklisted, and with Spamcop’s top-notch spammer detection services, we will try to decrease the number of SPAM emails received. We will be adding extra security within the next few days.

The Maiahost Management

Maiahost includes Drupal 7 hosting support

We have just included Drupal 7 hosting to our list of hosted content management systems. We will be offering upon request free installation of the latest development builds until the official version is released.

In addition, almost a month ago Maiahost became Corporate Member of the Drupal International Developers Association. This important step confirms our interest in this superb software and professional Drupal technical support.

NEW: Upcomming server upgrades 2x Space + 2x Performance

Dear All,

We are starting upgrades on all servers. The new machines will be almost twice faster that the existing ones especially improved on I/O.

Additionally we have increased storage capacity and we will be upgrading all existing clients to the Unlimited Packages.

Server migration will be performed by the end of this month (Nov 2009) .

No action is required from you. Upgrade will be done entirely by our team. Short downtime during the transfer process is possible. Scheduled transfers will be different for each server. All transfers are to be performed between 12:00 am and 10:00 am US EST.

The Maiahost Management

New: Security System implemented.

Hi, We have installed and configured a new anti hacker system on all servers. Note that this system automatically blocks users by IP address if they are found to imput more than 5 times wrong username or password to any of the following: FTP, CPanel, eMail and Web Security (if you password restricted any folder on your website). If you accidently blocked yourself (if you fogot your password for example) please contact us and we will add your IP address to the friendly list.

Our new security implementation successfully blocked numerous misc exploit attacks over the popular Joomla and WordPress systems. It also blocked huge number of WordPress Comment Spammers which is becomming a huge problem for most Bloggers. Now all reported for spam automated crawlers will be blocked automatically.

The Maiahost Admin.